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For more information refer to IBM z13 Configuration Setup.

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The IBM z13, like its predecessors, is designed from the chip level up to support data processing. When planning to migrate to a z13, the IBM Technical Support team can help you define a configuration design that meets your needs.

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Hardware Configuration Manager (HCM) can also be used here to transfer the IOCP deck to and from the CMT. The configuration file that is created by the IBM Manufacturing process in step 1d is downloaded from Resource Link to the CMT workstation.

The CHPID Mapping Tool (CMT) uses the input data from the files to map logical channels to physical ones on the new z13 hardware.

A z13 cannot join a CTN that includes a z10 or before as a member.

Since the z10 was the last server that supported the IBM Sysplex Timer (9037) connectivity, the z13 cannot be configured as a member of a mixed CTN. When you are planning to replace a z196 or z EC12 with a new z13, plan the replacement of channels that are not supported on z13.

The file that contains the updated IOCP statements created by the CMT, which now contains the physical channels assignment, is transferred to the host system. Use HCD, the validated work IODF file created in step 5a, and the IOCP statements updated by the CMT to apply the physical channel assignments created by the CMT to the configuration data in the work IODF. Create After the physical channel data is migrated into the work IODF, a z13 production IODF is created and the final IOCP statements can be generated. If you are upgrading an existing z196 or z EC12, you might be able to use HCD to write an IOCDS to your system in preparation for the upgrade. Apply The new production IODF can be applied to the z13 in these ways: – Using the power-on reset process – Using the Dynamic IODF Activate process 10.

The installation team uses the configuration data from the z13 production IODF when the final power-on reset is done, yielding a z13 with an I/O configuration ready to be used. Test IODFs that are modifying existing configurations can be tested in most cases to verify that the IODF is making the intended changes. If you can write an IOCDS to your current system in preparation for upgrade, do so and let the IBM service representative know which IOCDS to use. If the z196 or z EC12 is not network connected to the CPC where HCD is running, or if you are not upgrading or cannot write an IOCDS in preparation for the upgrade, use HCD to produce an IOCP input file. Communicate Communicating new and changed configurations to operations and the appropriate users and departments is important.

This data is available for download by the client installation team. A New Order report is created that shows the configuration summary of what is being ordered along with the Customer Control Number (CCN).

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