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The Florida Bar, as a prosecutorial agency, does not and cannot give individual legal service or advice to any person making allegations.

Further, any loss the client may have sustained as a result of the matter involved cannot be recovered through disciplinary proceedings.

The procedures established by the Supreme Court of Florida and The Florida Bar for dealing with your allegations are designed to provide a thorough review of the matter in order to resolve the unfortunate situation in a way that is fair both to you and to the lawyer involved.

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The Florida Bar acts as a prosecutor in lawyer discipline cases, much like the state attorney's office does in criminal cases.

Staff lawyers and grievance committees, of which one-third of the members are not lawyers, investigate alleged lawyer misconduct in those cases referred to the grievance committees.

The Bar, as an arm of the Supreme Court of Florida, receives and reviews all complaints alleging unethical conduct by lawyers licensed to practice in Florida.

The lawyer inevitably suffers from the allegation, regardless of whether any misconduct is ultimately found.

Information regarding the Fee Arbitration Program may be received by calling (850) 561-5600.1.

Give the bar your name, address and phone numbers as well as similar information on the attorney involved.

During the investigation, the lawyer involved may be asked to respond to your allegations and will be asked to send you a copy of the response, if one is requested and given.

The length of each investigation depends upon the facts and circumstances of each case.

When a disciplinary file is opened, Bar Counsel continues the investigation and decides if the complaint should be referred to a grievance committee.

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