Rick springfield dating history

I thought, "This is what rock 'n' roll guys do." I was 15 when I first joined a band; I was 17 when I first had sex, and that was how I was raised, having sex. THR: Watching the way women still swarm around you 30 years on, surely most wouldn't see you sleeping with them as a bad thing. And I decided that I had to start looking inside because that's where the depression was living.

So I started going to deep Jungian therapy for about five years, and it changed me and made me human again.

We were at a really bad point in our relationship at one time.

We went to a really great Jungian therapist, and I was like, This is just not working out. Q&A: Andrew Mc Carthy Talks Teen Stardom, Travel and the Enduring Legacy of ' Weekend at Bernie's' THR: You've played yourself -- sort of -- on is your 17th studio album. I was never the guy who put up the platinum and gold records around the house.

(Fellow guests Henry Winkler and Kevin James even joined him onstage for "Jessie's Girl.") Speaking to THR with the kind of candor and honesty that can only come from experience, not to mention a fair amount of therapy, the tireless singer talked about respecting groupies, appreciate his long-suffering wife, his ongoing battle with depression and hopes for his own TV series inspired by the Rick Springfield character he's played to rave reviews on , original MTV VJ Marc Goodman says you used to be "shitty" to your fans. Rick Springfield: It was like, [puts on annoyed voice] "Meet fans?

I don't want to do this, I've got a show to do! PHOTOS: The Beatles to The Wanted: The Evolution of Boy Bands Springfield: Taking a break.

t] came out, Oprah wanted to do an interview, which would've been very big, because she sells a ton of books.

But they said, "We want to have Barbara there to talk too," and we said no. THR: In the memoir, you went into a lot of detail about the countless times you've cheated on her.So, with a performance on only 16 hours away, the Australian-born sometime-actor surrendered to a steroid injection and promised to keep schtum until after sunrise the next day.The problem: That night he was expected to be interviewed at a showing of , a feel-good and at times laugh-out-loud documentary about the singer's unique relationship with seven super fans who put their middle-aged lives on hold to follow him on tour.I had come off of people screaming and yelling, and the shows being really high-energy.I didn't know if everyone was going to be just sitting there going, "That was kind of a nice song, yeah, I remember that." But I walked on stage and it was like bedlam from beginning to end, and it still is.The singer obliged, and a few hours after the steroid shot he was at the IFC, standing at an easel with an oversized sketch pad and drawing illustrations of his song titles for the mostly forty-something fans to identify.

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