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For men, intimacy is a consequence of sex; for women it's a pre-requisite.Maybe that's why so many of us gay men are single for so long.I tried to do the chick thing -- you know, have sex with a guy even though you're not physically attracted to them because they're kind and smart and loving and that's what you want in a man so what's a few minutes of Ugh-ness. I don't know how women do it, but if I'm not attracted to a guy physically I can't have sex with them no matter how emotionally attracted I am to them.

Whether it’s “Days of the Week” or “Piano Man” or whatever song your significant other’s team sings, you can expect every player to be belting their heart out with their teammates.

Rugby players are so comfortable with their teammates. If they're with their teammates, you can expect to see them be super flirtatious and touchy with one another.

It's kind of weird, but you have to remember your sharing your rugger with the whole team.

If you're ever hungry, expect your rugger to be hungry too.

Athletic Trainers are the most underrated member of the athletic community. There was a long period of time when I truly believed my Elementary school teachers lived at our school and slept under their desks. People with jobs still get to go home some point at night, right? I’m convinced Athletic Trainers spend their whole lives in the athletic training room basically taping ankles and making the perfect ice bags.

Here are a few reasons why you should definitely give your Athletic Trainer a massive hug, a delicious gift of their choosing, and then appreciate them greatly for the entire rest of your athletic career. Athletic Trainers severely need to catch up on their ZZZZZZZZZZZZ’s.

Rugby players constantly support their teammates on the field so it's only expected that this support follows them into their personal lives. (Look it up)If it's one thing I have discovered from dating a rugby player it's that they know how to clap back, and quickly.

If you mean anything to them, you can expect a rugby player to support you in all your successes and failures. They can't drink before games, but they definitely will be right after they get off the field. Rugby players spend their days roasting their teammates so they acquire a quick wit to respond towards anyone else.

They are down to eat whenever you are, so don't ever feel like you can't eat as much, or as often, as you want.

Because they will happily join you as you eat your 100th meal of the day.

They don’t take much to get ready, so they’re always ready for whatever life throws at them.

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