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DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Cheyenne is tired hubby wetting the bed & decided on a alternative treatment, putting him in diapers and treating him just like a baby, against his will!

She drags him to Changing Times Diaper Co (located in Las Vegas, NV) where Mommy Missy greats them & shows her different adult diaper products, plastic pants etc.

She puts your onsie & goes into the maternal role & gives you your bottle.

SHe sniffs and diaper checks you & it's a wet soaked diaper!

DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW You're in your adult sized wooden crib sleeping & sweet mommy Caroline Pierce comes in to diaper check you. She gives you lots of love & smiles and toys of course!!

The excitement as she comes in & opens your crib is the best because you know she's going to feel your full soggy diaper in a second! It's so fun to have a sweet loving mommy doting on you. First she checks if you're sick by putting a thermometer up your butt!DOWNLOAD THIS VIDEO NOW Your new AB babysitter Janira is reading you a story when she notices a yucky smell... She comes closer & takes a big whiff to realize that you made a #2 in your pampers! She puts a nice clean thick disposable on your tushy, giving you cute baby talk the whole time of's natural for babies to mess in their diaper since they can't hold it and she teases you lovingly about what a big mess you made, what a stinker you are.He's protesting all the way but she INSISTS this is the only way to go and a good solution.She gives him a binkie so he stops complaining and also put a HUGE pink padded diaper cover, plastic pants over his tushy. Well it happens but she'd like a little bit of warning next time there's a big explosion like that!She comes in and lovingly checks your diapers & sniffs... She takes off your wet nappy and then wipes & powders you and puts on a nice thick new disposable nappy!!

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