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Here he works on his spine as shown on Bernardin's chart.

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The practitioner or teacher who creates his own chart is working from his intuitive experience; and there tends to be a tendency for practitioners to select the best point from their experience to go into their chart.

But their best heart point may be in a different location than an other's However, either point may be viable depending on the type of problem reflected from the heart.

Likewise, if reflexology schools got together and made one standardized chart, there would always be exceptions to the rule of formal reflex point location.

Foot Worker in India removes crystal formations from the plantar aspect of the foot by lancing skin and using vacuum to pull the "rocks" out of the feet.

Okay, I was going to have to do some major studying.

This bothered me for a couple of weeks, but I could not quit thinking about my problem and ways around this law that my county had.The Feet of Vishnu reflect images that show the influence of reflex stimulus covering every phase of life: political, religious, familial, social and personal.(Courtesy of the Reflexology Association of Australia.) Eventually the medical people got together in an effort to coordinate the human anatomy charts for the sake of their credibility. Individual anatomy will still differ from the standardized charts and this observation is just an accepted reality among medical professionals.I want to let people know that just because someone says something, or the government makes a law, that doesn’t mean you can’t change it.So, here’s my recent experience with such rules and regulations.Toni Wilbanks has stated that it is similar to a good reflex treatment.

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