Infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating

Client side validations check for password length, unique email addresses, and more.

infinite scroll preset database doesn t exist try updating-13

Uploaded pictures are stored in an Amazon AWS S3 server.

Use this topic to troubleshoot problems that you experience when connecting to a report server.

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Login inputs are validated on both the front-end and back-end.

An includes method is chained to the Active Record relationship to prevent an inefficient N 1 query. Friendships are maintained with a join table that includes a status column - users are not allowed to view posts belonging to users with whom they are not yet friends.

Creating and searching for a A: B 'friendship' uses Active Record queries to ensure the commutative relationship B: A does not already exist.The like and comment tables are similar on the back-end: both belong to an author and a post.Posts can be edited and removed with an action pane available to the author of the post.LIVE Acebook is a clone of Facebook featuring profiles from professional poker players.The single page frontend is built using React.js/Redux; the backend is powered by Ruby on Rails sitting on a Postgre SQL database.If you specified the server as "localhost", try specifying the server name instead.

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