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Our uniquely qualified female and male investigators are surveillance, undercover, & information-gathering specialists Our contemporary technology, techniques, & personnel allow us to successfully obtain results & information where others have failed.

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Symptoms consisted of gall formation along leaf blades and sheaths, dark green discoloration, twisted leaf tips and reduced numbers of tillers.

Some plants died in the glasshouse in later stages of infection.

No serologic relationship was found between this virus and that of rice dwarf.

Nematodes are microscopic worms that live in the soil.

We specialize in the most difficult and high-risk cases, including the ones other agencies choose not to take on.

Our supervision methods, conduct, and proven track record have been recognized & relied upon by the Courts, families, attorneys, and other supervision 50 or 55 times, each session lasting a day.Galls are often seen in Millettia pinnata leaves and fruits.Leaf galls appear like tiny clubs; however, flower galls are globose.The meristems, where plant cell division occurs, are the usual sites of galls, though insect galls can be found on other parts of the plant, such as the leaves, stalks, branches, buds, roots, and even flowers and fruits.Gall-inducing insects are usually species-specific and sometimes tissue-specific on the plants they gall.After the galls are formed, the larvae develop inside until fully grown, when they leave.

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